Out of Here

Today we have a listen to Out of Here, the 2013 indie ambient New Age instrumental LP by Italian artist Giuseppe Molteni. The album contains ten tracks and runs for 47 minutes. The Milan-based Giuseppe crafts something that is a fascinating novelty and a retro sound that continues to be appealing over the years. Featuring a peeping eye out of an egg as its art work, this is a complex and interesting work with musical simplicity at its core.

The first track is Stonehenge Moon with its 2000s-era synths, piano, and glassy sounds. Dream One features a dazzling sax solo. The Age of Pisces contains a mournful motif and a steady beat Scorpio is a nostalgic and dreamy track with catchy phrases and a constant rhythm. With bright sounds and pulsing timing, Deep crafts a musical tale. Giuseppe here combines meditation music with experimental progressive instrumentation. Futuristic, electronic sounds combined with a neat groove are expressed in Out of Here. Pinky Runs is a remembering blend of 80s electro-pop and futuristic new-age elements, featuring dreamy lines and a driving bassline. Awake is a sleek and modern track with a compelling bassline and a melodic lead. Triskel is an atmospheric and mysterious track with a driving bassline and sweet riffs.

The record is inspired by 80s New Age music, world music, and ambient music. We get an organic feel rooted in retro electronica featuring both acoustic and electronic production. It serves functionally to be used for scoring while being an independent piece of musical expression as well. Out of Here features a unique blend of ethereal soundscapes and lush instrumentation that transport the listener to a different world. Giuseppe Molteni really has a sense for the aesthetic and functional on this record.

This is an instrumental piece that showcases a wide range of synths and emotions. The LP features a diverse range of sounds and textures, from ethereal pads to dreamy leads, all of which are expertly crafted to evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. Each track is a unique journey, taking listeners through a range of feelings and emotions, creating an immersive and meditative listening experience. The use of different synthesis techniques and sound design add depth to the tracks and make the record an enjoyable listening experience for those who appreciate instrumental music.

One of the most striking things here is the attention to detail and the level of craftsmanship that went into each track. The use of different instruments and techniques, such as layering and panning, creates a sense of depth and dimension that is truly impressive. This record will appeal to fans of new age and ambient music. The music’s ability to transport the listener to a different world, combined with its impeccable production and musicianship, make it a must-listen for anyone interested in this genre. The songs are heavily influenced by the synthpop and new age music of the 80s, but with a modern twist. It’s a throwback to the 80s while embracing the future. This sonic path is a also nostalgic and uplifting journey that will transport listeners back in time. Giuseppe Molteni with Out of Here crafted a classic of the genre which stood the test of time.